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POSTED Friday, August 1


The internet Cat Video festival
3 days only!

Friday, 8/1/14 at 7:30pm
Saturday, 8/2/14 at 2pm
Saturday, 8/3/14 at 9:30pm

Curated, compiled and edited by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Internet Cat Video Festival has been lauded by NPR, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and others. It is a raucous, 75-minute romp through the Internet’s finest cat video offerings and it brings thousands of people together each time it’s shown.

The Internet Cat Video Festival


Film Festival
(ongoing weekly)

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Film On The Rocks

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DFS Members!

Did you know that as part of your GREAT membership benefits, you get 2 FREE tickets TO FOTR!

Here are all the details, if you do not follow these instructions, you will not receive your 2 FOTR tickets:

1. ALL memberships (regardless of your membership level) get 2 tickets.  (ONLY 2 tickets for the entire season, NOT per show!)

2. You MUST have hard (paper) tickets to get into Red Rocks.

3. To get your HARD tickets, you MUST request them via email AT LEAST 72  HOURS (3 days) BEFORE THE DATE OF THE SHOW you are requesting.

4. To request your 2 tickets, write an email to:

5. Please be sure to put FOTR Member Tickets in the subject line.

6. You MUST state the DATE of the show and the NAME of the FILM in your email AND sign your email with your FULL NAME that is attached to your membership. ONLY ACTIVE MEMBERS can receive tickets.

7. You will receive a confirmation email when your tickets have been printed.

8. Your tickets will be put at the Sie FilmCenter Box Office and can be picked up during regular box office hours, up to 24 hours BEFORE the FOTR show (by 5pm on the day before the show)

9. At 24 hours before the FOTR show, if you have not picked up your tickets, they will be taken to the Red Rocks Box Office and will be available there on the day of the show...the Red Rocks Box Office opens at 5pm before every show.
They are NOT available at the RR Box Office EXCEPT on the day of the show.

10. You CAN NOT get your membership tickets for FOTR at Red Rocks UNLESS you previously ordered them through email and got a confirmation that they have been printed.

****NO tickets will be available for members on site at Red Rocks unless you already ordered them in 3 days in advance!****

So, go to the website, check out the schedule and write to to order your 2 tickets! If you want to purchase tickets above and beyond your 2 free tickets, there is NOT member discount. Your discount is that you get 2 Free tickets!

in Denver!
If you want to purchase extra tickets:
Click here to order regular (paid) FOTR tickets


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See you at the Sie FilmCenter soon! 

Eileen O'Brien
Director of Membership & Volunteers